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Crossbow Productions

A collaboration with Seana Seeto.

Crossbow Productions is an Australian theatre company, whose representative media did not accurately reflect their well-established character, and as such requested a design overhaul for their branding and promotional material. This project endeavored to create not only appropriate design solutions, but rather a new and coherent distinct visual identity for the company across all public discourses. Branding and art direction are displayed in the form of logo design, and web and print layouts (posters, programs, and a postcard series for the upcoming production ‘Freud’s Bird Of Prey’).

Taking into consideration Crossbow’s target demographic, values, needs and goals, this art direction project also mirrors the theatre company’s unique approach of straddling both traditional and contemporary concepts. Aesthetically, this has been conveyed through the medium of illustration for the print media outcomes – with the influence of classic theatre posters in combination with a modern twist as the design style. The logo and website design adhere to a more minimal design style, reflecting the professional and sophisticated nature of the Crossbow company.


Postcard Series: