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‘Dig’ is an interactive sound and visual experience, which encourages playful immersion in music. In the form of a tangible media installation, it allows the discovery of objects hidden within a unique digging interface, and engages participants through interaction with audio and visuals in real-time.

The setup features a sandpit-like area filled with rubber granules (kindly supplied by Reclaim Industries), which cover specially designed fixed objects.

The visuals are displayed above the pit and, as the participant beings to dig, they start to discover the objects. Noticeable audible and visual changes occur as they play their way through the experience. Although Dig allows opportunity for completion, the objective is not to play to win, but rather play to play.

The song the project is based around is ‘Enough to Make You Smile’ by Brisbane electronica artist Hunz. Hunz’s music is comprised of many tracks layered together to create diverse and unique rhythms and melodies.

Ultimately, Dig seeks to immerse anyone who likes to play and discover.

Dig was exhibited at QUT’s Interchange Exhibition, November 10-11, 2010.

It is currently featured in QUT’s Shape of Things to Come Exhibition.

Participants Interacting: