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‘The City’ Campaign

In the past year I’ve worked on a number of projects for Brisbane Marketing’s ‘The City’ campaign. This is a widespread campaign seen by all who enter Brisbane’s CBD.

Part of the campaign was the release of a cinema commercial highlighting Brisbane’s premiere shopping, fashion, wining and dining locations. The ad was created by Laundry Group, Cartel and Lumë. Working with Lumë, I was involved in the production process from the very beginning, assisting with planning, paperwork, music selection, location scouting and the creation of an animatic. I attended each shoot day, with the role of Production Attachment.

My main involvement was in the post-production stage, working with the 3D animators on the visual effects. This included rotoscoping, matte painting and 3D compositing. Being involved in the entire process gave me a lot of insight into the whole production process of a professional TVC.

The final commercial can be seen here:

And a behind the scenes video created by Lumë:

Working for Grow Media and Lumë, I’ve also been the primary animator of numerous other campaign advertisements including web banners, elevator ads displayed in buildings throughout the CBD as well as a promotion for the large digital screen in King George Square busway.